Monday, May 11, 2009

Still learning words

Just because my list is "over with" does not mean that I still won't be sharing the new things that I learn, especially words.

I found another one today reading Gluten Free Girl Recommends. I totally love it's meaning and will definitely try to find a way to incorporate it into my vernacular. I know the build up has been to much. . .so. . .I. . .won't. . .leave. . .you. . .in. . .suspense. . .anymore;)

Pronunciation: a-plom
Function: Noun
Etymology: French
Definition: Self-confident assurance; poise.

I should start a list of my favorite words on my sidebar. Do you have anywords that you claim as a favorite?

1 comment:

Engrafted Lives said...

Are you kidding me? It is enough just trying to use simple everyday language. :)


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