Thursday, November 27, 2008

This was. . .

This was the first Thanksgiving that I did not get sick! The emotions are to overwhelming to relay in words what it is like to not be doubled over in bed or in the bathroom (enough said). There was no headache, no fatigue (minus the tryptophan), and I remained vertical all night:) Mrs. Reid was very gracious. She bought special GF gravy mix, cut off a piece of the breast and thigh and cooked them separately for me, and made sure that I even had desert (she set some cherry filling and pumpkin pie fillinf inside special little bowls for me). She even made Chris switch out knives when he went in to cut the ham after finishing off on the turkey. It was without a doubt a GF Thanksgiving:)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad going gluten-free this Thanksgiving was so helpful for you! You'll have to give us tips over Christmas to make sure you have an equally gluten-free Christmas.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you had a wonderful, GF Thanksgiving Dinner! It is amazing how our body treats us, when we treat it the right way.



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