Saturday, October 11, 2008

My hair color

I found a new hair dresser a few months ago. She had her training at Jean Juarez so she knows what she's doing. She's super sweet and when I'm in her chair my inner control freak, over my hair, is silenced. However, today she suggested the possibility of me becoming a brunette. She said that it would bring out my blue eyes and that she thought it would look good with my skin tone. She showed me the brown she was thinking of and it's dark, but it might look nice. I'm not totally sold yet so I put up a poll to see what you all think. It doesn't mean I will base my decision on the poll I just want to see what ya'll out there think (especially those that know me). The poll is located under my archived items. Vote away!


Anonymous said...

you are carolyn pivarnik...not "carol brunette"! in my humble opinion, KEEP WITH THE BLONDE!!! that being said, i support you in whatever hair color you choose...~shannon

Jackie's World said...

All Natural is in...if you do go darker, be sure not to go too dark. Ask your hair dresser what colors will go well with your skin the golden tones vs. ashy. Well, good luck with that.


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