Monday, May 5, 2008

The last year of my 20's! (Part 2)

So it's been a couple days since my birthday celebration, but it was a great one! You can't beat a good evening of gal pals and giggles (unless of course that evening were to be spent with someone even more special, but alas that will have to wait). Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
The day started awesomely because I didn't have to go to work! My boss is gracious enough to allow his employees to have a day off for our birthdays, and so I got to sleep in and enjoy my morning. From the day that I knew I was taking that day off for my birthday I knew what I was going to do so it wasn't a fly by the seat of your pants kind of day (so to speak), but it also wasn't calculated to the "n"th degree either.

My first stop was to attend the chapel service at the Christian school that my church has. I've always heard that the chapel services are open to anyone who wants to go, but since it's so closely associated with the school I think people assume it's only for the school kids. Personally speaking I think that the lesson Pastor Jeremiah gave that day was one of the best that I've heard, period. However, I wasn't prepared for his little twist of looking at our notes to make sure we were paying attention. I know it was all an exercise for the kids to learn how to pay attention to what he was talking about, but still. I'm glad I passed;). Seriously though I'm glad that I have those note to refer back to.

Then I was off and running errends before my lunch, with Shannon! We had a fun afternoon at lunch and the salad that we each had could have fed a small country. I was a wonderful Asian inspired salad with rice, peanuts, and chicken with a Asian vinagrette. YUMMO! But honestly it had been a while since we had the opportunity to fill up an afternoon full good conversation. We've gotten to do it a little, but nearly 3 uniterrupted hours was great. We then went to one of the local produce stands, followed by a stop to the Holly Farm owned by some friends of ours. Little did I know that I was sending clues to my friends in there as to what they wanted to pick out for me for my birthday. Which was really sweet of them to pay attention like that. I was just walking around the shop and perusing the items and ended up with some great items 'cause of it.
However, it was dinner and bowling that finished off a great day. Sharon made some stir fry (which is one of my faves) and Kali made a flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. The bowling alley as fun and even though bowling is not for everyone not everyone they were all really good sports about it, and high score of the night was made by me at 141. I think that if we had played another game I would have done better, but we were already at $45, so it was worth it for us to go back to Kalis for cake and hanging out. I could go on to regail you all with the items that I got for my birthday, but those were just an added bonus for me, the day was really all about spending time with my friends and having fun, which we always seem to know how to do really well.

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