Friday, May 30, 2008

#18 on my list, Put together 30 new Sunday school lessons (#3)

Lesson #3

Topic: Observing the commands of Jesus

Scriptures: Acts 10:1-29; 34-35; 48

Synopsis: This is the story of Cornelius and Peter, and when the Lord tells Peter that all "things" made by him are clean, picturing the opening up of the Gospel to the Gentiles. At this time in history Jews and Gentiles did not mix with eachother, for they were considered "unclean", it was just not something that happened. But the Lord sent Peter a vision and message commanding him to kill one of the animals that He had previously said were not lawful for the Jews to eat. This included pork, fish with scales, and other animals. Peter wouldn't do it at first, but it wasn't unitl some visitors, that Cornelius had sent, arrived that Peter understood what the Lord was trying to show him.

What the Lord revealed to me: Peter didn't want to associate with Gentiles, but he had to in order to bring the Gospel to them, for the Salvation of Jesus Christ is open to enerybody. Sometimes there are people that I don't want to approach either. Sometimes it's simply based on the way they look (whether wealthy or not). Sometimes it's just because I get nervous about their reaction. But it's not for me to decide who needs to hear the gospel, it's only my job to tell those who may not know about Jesus. You can't tell by the way someone looks what is going on inside their heart or their lives, and they may truly be searching for spiritual answers, like Cornelius was. What I learned was that appearances are not everything and to break down those prejudices so I can try and tell more people about the salvation the Jesus offers.

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