Wednesday, March 19, 2008

#7 on my list, Have 30 girls nights (#1)

So this item on my list is always gonna be really fun! The girls that I'm friends with are a great bunch of people, anyone would be so lucky to call them their friends and the fact that the Lord put them in my life just adds to the enjoyment in my life. Anyway, there are only a coule things that qualify our get togethers as a girls night: 1) It must be all girls 2) Though it doesn't have to be any one set of girls, in order for it to count on my list, I definitely have to be there. Most of them will probably be an impromtu venture, as the funnest, and funniest, things happen without pretense (and trust me we're funny).

So the one that I will count as my #1 actually happend on Sunday nigt after church. Nicki, Kali, Maggie, Christin, and I all ended up over at the Waldron's house after evening service to watch "Becoming Jane", which I had already seen but the girls hadn't. Nicki ordered pizza (which unfortunately I was not able to eat because of my Celiacs disease, that's info for another post), but that didn't stop me from ordering hot wings! The girls were sweet though because they were afraid of hurting my feelings, by ordering the pizza, thinking that I would feel left out. But I told them that they were ebing silly. I've accepted my condition and those that can eat one of the greatest foods invented should not feel the need to deprive themselves on my account. That's the last reason I would want to be a "Captain Killjoy".

So we didn't end up starting the movie until almost 9 and so it didn't get over until almost 11, which is way to late for a school night (I can tell I'm showing my age when those things start popping out of me, but I come from a long line of night owls so who knows what's going on). The movie is OK, but I think that there was way to much content as far as inuedo was concerned. The writers could have written the character of John as a cad without trying to push the sex envelope. There is definitely a scene that should be fast forwarded through as the men decide to go swimming in the buff, having already seen it I was able to FF for my friends sake, even though I did miss a couple others, much to my shagrin.

Jane Austen was a woman ahead of her time and aquainted with the ways or the world in her day and time (if she wern't she would never have been able to write the Wickham and Willoughby characters so well) however, even with that fact, I'm hardly sure that the real Jane would approve of the screen writers interpreatation of her life. But it was interesting to she learn about a little known part of the writers life, especially since she's had no real documentatin of her life outside of her novels. Oh there are things and facts that are documented about her, but she was intensely private and to see another part of her girlhood, prior to her becoming an author, was interesting. I completely have my step mom to thank for exposing me to Jane Austen, I love her writing and as "antiquated" as some of the habits and customs are her documentation on her obervations of human behavior is still just as relevant as ever, for human behavior is the one thing that doesn't change.

OK, getting back to girls night, after the movie Christin left, but I stayed and we stayed up laughing and talking about the movie until almost midnight. It was fun to compare the times we live in now, to the times back then and the choices that Jane made in order to seek her own happiness outside of the confines, and limitations, that life outside of marriage offered to women at that time. I forget what it was that I said exactly or if I was immitating a character, but I had the girls in stitches, to which we had to break up the fun due to the fact that we were getting a little loud and there were people in the house that needed to work in the morning, and so did I so when I did get home to hit the hay I conked right out.

So there it is girls night #1. No. 2 is happening tomorrow. We're going over to Chrisitns to watch Enchanted, YAY!!!! Finally!!! I wanted to see at Thanksgiving when it came out, but couldn't talk my Dad into it. Nor could he talk me into seeing No Country For Old men, so we're even there. Although I still think we owe each other a movie date when I get home for Christmas. Anyway, stay tuned.

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