Monday, December 10, 2012

Tis the Giving Season!

As the title of this post says Tis the Giving Season!!!! Really, I think that the giving season should be all year round, but this time of year people are just more predisposed to feelings of generosity and it's lovely to see in action. Also I love to give gifts! I know a lot of energy and negativity is centered around the massive Black Friday (now spilling over into Thanksgiving) sales, and it's not without cause. But there are cases where I think that people not just wanting a good deal for themselves, also know that the gift that they are giving is truly going to be blessed to the recipient. And for that reason I suppose it's worth the crowds to deal with, but I draw the line when brawling or thievery is taking place. Here are some recent pics of a gift that myself and a friend gave to another dear friend of ours. Dear people that love the Lord and deserve an extra special something...just because.

Keep in mind that she's preggers right now...and she also just got her long awaited ceiling fan installed. So it was an emotional overload all over the place. It was so cool!!! I know what it's like to go without and then to get something special. So I know the feeling on both ends of the spectrum of being provided for and providing. I love the feeling of giving a little more I think :). I enjoy making presents and finding them as well it's always fun to hunt. It's the little things that seem to bring pleasure to people. Whether it's a laptop or a little tin mug that brings back childhood memories, the value of the present is relative to the recipient not on the actual cost of what is spent. Remember that going into this giving season...

Howeveras much as I like's always fun to get something that you weren't expecting either!

Here are just a few more of the things I love about this time of year...

Our Jr. Girls Christmas Tea

The girls are so creative

This year I found a book of Christ centered Christmas poems at the local thrift store. That was some of the best 89 cents that I've ever spent. One of my faves, so far, is as the end of this post.

My Christmas Tree

Somehow this year it ended up being red, white & blue. Totally not intentional, but pretty just the same.

The Lights of Christmas

Bruce the Talking Spruce
(Nicki asked him for Firewood LOL)

Fun with Friends
(Jeff, James, Me & Nicki)


Every year a local organization puts these lights together and it's amazing! This year was marked by our frequent stops at the fire pits LOL. The warmth that they offered was much needed. Cold brings it's own variety of fun, but I'd rather be warm. Obviously I'm horribly conflicted, since I'll soon be travelling up to the snow in a couple weeks. Anyway, I'm hoping that next year I can get it together to do the dinner theater there.

As promised here is one of the poems I read at the tea. It's hard to choose a favorite so maybe I'll post another as the Christmas season continues.

Christmas Presence
by Margaret Allen

"What do you want for Christmas Mom?"
My son John asked today.
I thought of all I have, and found
There wasn't much to say.

The Lord had blessed me greatly.
And all my family.
The Source of music fills my heart
With glorious harmony.

What do I want for Christmas?
I would ask the Lord above
To please restore to perfect health
Those precious ones I love.

Oh yes, and I need patience Lord,
And wisdom for each day.
Forgiveness too, for all the times
I want to have my way.

And I would share God's special gift,
The joy his promise brings:
The Holy Child of Bethlehem
Is still the KING of KINGS!

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