Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo for July 10

Today is a picture of my favorite color. Anyone that knows me knows that it is RED. I like all bright colors, but red always makes me feel happy and like I'm putting my best foot forward with those I meet. It's a color that is synonymous with confidence, determination and love. If you want to know more about colors and their meanings click on this link. So the picture today is of...

My ring

It was my Grandmas ring originally. My aunt sent it to me for my 16th birthday. And I've worn it nearly every day since. The only time I didn't wear it on a regular basis was when I had to get the stone re-faceted. It actually fell out when I was standing watch on the NAS II gate in Sigonella. I wasn't even paying attention and my partner that I was out there with, who had just complemented me on it, noticed that it was gone. My heart dropped, but without even thinking about it he and I hit the deck (ground for you civilian types), to look for it. It was a Sunday morning so there wasn't a lot of traffic, but considering we were in a heightened threatcon level our on looking watch commanders were less than thrilled, and let us know as much by trying to hollar at us over our radios, but that hardly mattered to us at the time. He was a real gentleman about it, looking over the entire area that we were watching. I mean it's dark red, against black asphalt not the easiest thing to see so it took a bit. Finally, he emerged from the asphalt with the red stone and I could breathe a sigh of relief. After we were back to full functionality, one of our watch commanders came out to see what was up, he was one of the more mellow ones, and once he found out what we were doing he just smirked & said that it was a good save. LOL!!! It definitely was because it was the only thing that I was able to wear during that time that made me feel feminine. Trust me there's nothing fetching about a woman in camouflage and it's hard enough for a woman in the military to feel feminine with all those boys around, but wearing the ring was a reminder to me that I was still a girl. That may sound funny to some, but until you've lived it you can't ever really understand. It really is the little things. It now has a scratch in the stone but that doesn't matter because the value of the ring is in the sentiment, not in any perceived value. I have other rings too, but this one is just me all the way...well...at least until I get an engagement ring one day;).

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