Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July pic day 25

Today's pic is supposed to be of a heart.

This one was kinda easy because I've been holding onto this rock for 7 years now. I found it out at Bowman Bay here on the island. It was my Dad's first trip up to the island, and just after dinner time. He took a risk crossing the bridge as he doesn't like heights, but the sunset and time was well worth it. The boys, my younger brothers, were trying to skip stones and walking down the rocky beach and it was just he & I sitting enjoying the water splashing up on the rocks. I forget what we were really talking about, but what I do remember was he looked over at me and told me that he was "proud of the person that I had become." Then I looked down and saw this rock. It was meant to be mine. I like to think that my heavenly father put it there just for me...just for that time.

Heart Rock

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Joan Pivarnik said...

This is a beautiful account Carolyn, you have a true gift for expressions in words and thoughts.
I Love you


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