Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I just have to say that I really look forward to the day when I get to cook for someone other than myself. I enjoy cooking, but I don't always cook for myself like I cook for my friends. Frankly, it's just not as much fun. I enjoy dinner parties & the social aspect to eating. But tonight I actually did make some real dinner, not just a sandwich.

I had some chicken that I needed to use. I got it at Safeway the other day & it was half off since it they were making room for the other sock to come out. So my dressing for it was super simple. During lunch I came home & put some EVOO on it, tossed some paparika & Mrs. Dash on it at put it in the crock-pot. High for 4 hours. The trick to making it really tender, I've found, it to cut a lemon in half and put that in the cavity. The acidity from the juice totally breaks down the bones and so the meat litterally falls off of the bone. Then I needed to use the last of my potatoes so I made some mashed potatoes & then I didn't really have any greens, so I took a chance on doing something a little different. I chopped up some of my romaine lettuce, that's right I said lettuce, sauted some shallots & garlic tossed in the lettuce & dressed it with a little S&P & a couple TBSP of beef stock. I never would have thought to do the lettuce intially  except I saw it on a cooking show & that makes me really happy because I hate it when my veg goes bad because I couldn't go through it fast enough. Trust me when in doubt try the lettuce, you won't be sorry.

Alas the social aspect of sharing my how to is limited to this post, but I was really happy with how the lettuce turned out so I had to share it with someone. Hope your dinners were just as exciting as mine was flying solo.

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