Monday, June 6, 2011

Riley gets his groom on

This pic is mostly for Selena since she said she was wanting to see my boy. Since I'm not sure if he'll be coming with me up there is August here is Riley freshly groomed. I can't believe he stayed still enough for me to get it.

I'm happy I found a groomer that is willing to be patient with him as he continue to learn that being touched is OK. The other night I was working on touching his paws (which he hates), but he was humoring me with it, when I found another sign of his old life. Now the same back paw I knew at some point had been broken because it never properly healed & has a dent in it where the bone sort of pokes out, but on the bottom of his paw, one of his peds looks like it had been burned, pretty severely too. I can hardly even tell that that's what it was it was so scared over. I only know it was one of his peds because the bottom of his other paws look all the same except for that one. So sad that people will hurt something that's basically helpless against them.

Even though I liked his hair a little longer, he was getting to many knots in it for me to keep up with brushing them out. Not to mention that all that fluff made him look pudgy (hmmm, to bad I don't look thinner after my haircuts). But a plus with the shorter hair is that he's been sneezing a lot less around the house, as I'm sure that the pollen & grass was sticking to his coat. So I think I'll be keeping it short. Not to mention that for the $35 I spent he got his fur washed & cut, teeth brushed, ears cleaned & a MUCH needed claw trimming. And all the grooming he'll get at the there will hopefully add up to touch therapy for him so he can start to relearn that people are OK. Seriously now, for my $35 hair cut the other day all I got was a trim, of which I had to actually ask the hair dresser to give me a blow dry, and a lot of attitude from the receptionist at the salon, something's wrong with this picture. I think I need to find myself a new groomer too;)

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Selena said...

Awww, he's a handsome fella! Wow! You sure got a good deal at the groomers, thats a really good price for all that work!! We pay $15 just to get our dogs nails trimmed. Thanks for the pic!


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