Thursday, June 16, 2011

He's to clever for his own good

This is the face of a mastermind. Sure he's cute, sure he's a good buddy, but man o man he's a character. The more that he starts to feel comfortable the more he lets his personality start to come out and this week I got to learn a new facet of it.

See Sunday was my graduation from Bible Institute. YAY!!! I'm done...until a new class gets added. But that's another story. However, some of my friends chose to bestow certain gifts upon me to congratulate my efforts and included in one of those gifts were some Hershey Kisses...Yum!

Well Monday night we had a baby shower for Selena and I came home to discover that I am not the only one that likes them. Strewn accross my bedroom floor were about a dozen opened kiss wrappers, which was odd because I thought that I had more in the bag. Now chocolate is not good for dogs, and since Riley is the first dog that has stricly been mine I was concerned about what might happen to him (as a side note I'm happy to report that Riley is doing fine). It was amusing, I thought, that he should have thought to discard the foil from the kisses to get to the good stuff. So that's it right, I thought I'd just keep an eye on him and the next day he was fine. Well at least until Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon I arrived home after work to see, what I thought were torn up papers on my couch. Torn up papers I thought, until I went over to go & see what exactly it was. Wanna take a guess as to what it was? If you guessed Hershey Kiss wrappers, well then you're right (sorry no prizes on this side). That's right, my clever little guy hid the rest of the kisses (where I don't know), but the thing of it is that he hid them so he would have them for later! Again it wasn't really funny, because who's to know how more chocolate would have affected him (again he's fine), but I had to laugh because he's just too smart for his collar.

So now not only his he a good buddy & a character, but he's also clever, sneaky and has quite a sweet tooth. It's nice to see more of his personality start to show through & that he's letting his fur down as he gets used to his new set up.


Anonymous said...

Carolyn, this is too funny. He is smart, has to be to like chocolate. The best part of this is he saved some for later, he is learning portion control. Hilarious, I love it and he is cute.

Cove Girl said...

HAHAHA portion control I <3 it!


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