Monday, May 2, 2011

On my Birthday

Yesterday May 1st, was my Birthday. I turned 32! YIKES! However, it gives me comfort to know that somehow the older I get the less people believe me. It's always a statement like "No way!!! Your can't be 32?!" Followed up with "O yes I can be". Where I then proceed to date myself with pop culture & historical references to the time frame that I have been alive in. I've earned every one of my 32 years, and am starting to get the gray that shows that too:(

The celebration started on the day before when I was at out monthly SPG meeting. I was busy cutting the GF Honey cake that I had made when all of a sudden my friends behind me started singing "Happy Birthday" and presented me with a monster rice krispy treat topped with chocolate.Our SPG leader Tim graciously held the flaming candle above it, since he could not penetrate the chocolate layer. I was so concerned with the wax dripping or the flame buring him that I was secretly hoping that the song would hurry up, even though I love a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday. Sunday though was a great day to celebrate not just my birth, but that of my friend Daisy, as well as the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version 1611 Bible, which we were doing at church yesterday. Complete with a picnic and full day of preaching. For 400 years the King James Bible has been the Lords preservation of his word (another post will be following more about this soon). The day finished off over at Alyssa's house with us video chatting with Kali & Maggie and watching BBC's North & South. It's a really good story:) Sigh, complete with the the line "I don't wish to possess you! I want to marry you because I love you!" Like I said REALLY GOOD! Thanks Alyssa for the fun night. To wrap it up, Linnea, Levi & Isaiah called to sing me a happy birthday:) LOL!!! It was a total surprise and very nice of them to do that:) The Rawls are great friends to have.

I have many more thoughts to talk about on the events of May 1st, but for now I just wanted to revel in what was a good day that the Lord blessed me with. Hopefully, with the Lords help I can enjoy another 32 years.


Selena said...

Happy Birthday!! Miss ya but I will be seeing you soon! We will be over in your area for the couples retreat this month!

Maggie said...

ahhhh....I *love* that line in North and South, totally makes the movie! Glad you had a good birthday!


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