Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All good things...

"All good things must come to an end". Or so the saying goes anyway. Well for me that is partly true, for while I'll never stop learning about the Bible or what God wants to teach me, I do have to say that at this time I am officially done with Bible Institute!

My final paper was on this book. George Müller was an amazing prayer warrior, and though I had a hard time initially getting through the book I'm happy to say that it was worth it. One of the reasons that I can say that I did enjoy it was because I'm a big biography nut. One summer I read so many biographies from the library that I scored tickets to an Oakland A's game.

The entire time that I was reading the book I kept thinking about Hebrews 11:6, But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

In every facet of his life George Müller sought the Lords will. He never entangled himself with debt and all the while maintained multiple Orphan houses on nothing but that which the Lord provided for him through means of monetary and physical gifts, such as food. There is much that I could go on about regarding this mans life and his testimony, but for the sake of time I'll just share with you his thoughts on prayer.

Müller had a method that he called the 5 Prevailing Points of Prayer:
1. Entire dependence upon the merits and mediation of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the only ground of any claim for blessing.
2. Separation from all known sin.
3. Faith in God’s Word of promise as confirmed by his oath. Not to believe him is to make him both a liar and a perjurer.
4. Asking accordance with his will. Our motives must be godly: we must not seek any gift of God to consume it upon our own lusts.
5. Importunity in supplication. There must be waiting on God and waiting for God, as the husbandman has long patience to wait for the harvest.

This book was an encouragement for me while I was reading it. One way it encouraged me was for me to examine, what possessions I had, and were they really necessary. When I began the book I was in the process of moving. The place that I ultimately ended up signing a lease on was substantially smaller than wither of my previous two apartments and the thought of downsizing seemed daunting. Where would my things go? Is there enough room? etc. I had purchased things over the years that I would be saving and needing to keep for some time, specifically my dishes from Italy, which I bought many years ago with the intent of using them for my family, but would the cabinet space be deep enough, and my closet could challenge the smallest broom closet for which one holds less. However, at this same time in reading this book I was reading chapter number 5 and Pierson explains the desire that Müller and his wife had to not lay up treasure for themselves on earth based on Matthew 6:19-34 & 19:21. The Lord used this part of my reading, and Müller’s convictions on the matter, to help me to see that my worries were pretty juvenile. That my desire to be attached to certain possessions was silly and that ultimately the fact that just because I have them in my possession does not mean that they are not His to begin with since He was the one to supply me with the funds for them to begin with. Once I was willing to accept that downsizing became less of a burden and more of a desire & challenge to see what I was willing and able to go without. I still think I could probably get rid of more, maybe I will.

In my research for writing my paper I even found a blog that is only on the subject of him and his life GEORGE MULLER. It's pretty interesting, but that could just be because I'm on a kick right now. Regardless, I know that if you take the time you'll enjoy it too.

Bible Institute was a lot of work, but so worth it when you get to learn more about the Bible and what faith in Jesus Christ means, not just for ourselve but for those Christians that came before us as well (I'm thinking of my Church History class). Of course if things change and something new comes up, or I just want a refresher in a subject I can always take the courses again, but for now I'm done...whew! I'm only the second lady to graduate, Sherri was the other lady, from our Institute since it's primarily set up for men going into the Ministry. However, all are encouraged to attend, I just never sat in on certain courses since they were for men only.

I almost can't believe that I'm done with it, since I've been engaged in it since I got out of the Navy in 2005.  See back then my plan was to go off to Bible college, probably meet up with some of my friends from Sig, get married and live "happily ever after". See the caveat to that statement was MY PLAN. The Lord saw fit to show me differently. Through a series of steps. First, through prayer and meditation the Lord showed me that if I was to go to Bible college it would be for the wrong reasons (mainly to get my MRS. degree). However, when the Lord designed me he also gave me a mind that enjoys learning and so the thought of me going to get my MRS degree seemed to be leading to a vapid existance since I rather enjoy learning and challenging myself in new areas. Rather than shoulder the burden of disobedience I resolved to follow wherever he would lead me.

Shortly after this revelation I also realized that in order for me to be the woman that God desires me to be I would have to get out of the Navy, a daunting prospect at best, and not one that an instution of buildings could mold, but that only from the institution of faith in Jesus could He mold me into a new creature. Then I sought the Lord as to where I would go after, I wanted to stay up here in WA, but was unsure of how to make it on my own. Alas a silly thought, for that has hardly been the case. Yes, I have to work to provide for myself, but on my own? I think not for the Lord has paved the way for me, with my jobs (both good and bad) & with my ministries. No, I can hardly say that I'm on my own, for I am bought with a price, 1 Corinthians 6:20. And once I realized this then I decided to place all on the Lord and let him guide me where he wanted me to be, which was here in WA, and in Bible Instute so I could learn those things that I desired to and have a deeper root grounding me to my faith as well as stimulating my mind.

There were various tirals and disappointments along the way, but all to make me a BETTER servant, not a BITTER servant. Graduation is on June 12th, and while I'm done with this phase I look forward for more to come. Diligently seeking after the next opportunity that the Lord has in store for me, with prayer and dependance on Him.


Selena said...

Congradulations!! See ya this weekend!

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