Sunday, January 30, 2011

My new buddy

Many of you know that I have long sought after a canine companion. It has been a long process mostly due to the fact that I haven't lived in a place where I couldn't have one. But with my new place this is no longer an issue.

On Thursday Nicki sent me a link from a local rescue that had a dog named Phoenix available 3yrs old, house trained and good with other dogs and kids. He seemed pretty ideal, but I wasn't wild about the name. However, after Saturday church clean-up Nicki and I went to the shelter to go take a look, and he was just a bundle of cuteness. He was dropped off at the shelter and his fur was in a matted mess, so they had to shave him, and he's not that wild about men right now, but with a little more training and a suitable name he'll be the perfect pet.

I had decided to name him Bo after Boaz in the book of Ruth. But then I realized that the name "Bo" rhymes with "No" and he may get confused if I have to scold him, and I don't want him to get a complex. So if you have any name ideas you want to contribute feel free to do so. I'll let you all know what I come up with/decide on.


Janell Rogers said...

What a CUTIE!!!! He's got such an adorable face. No name ideas though. I've never been very good with naming animals. :-)

Jackie's World said...

Oh, yah! You will love having a happy little face greet you every morning and after work. Bo is a cute name, too.

Anonymous said...

How cute your little friend is!!! No suggestions for names but I'm sure whatever you settle on will be perfect. Enjoy him!

Julie Fink said...

He is so adorable! So happy for you ♥

Cove Girl said...

Thanks Julie:) He's a joya. I actually changed his name to Riley. He likes it much better.


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