Friday, December 24, 2010


O how I've missed writing! See a couple weeks ago my hard drive went down on my laptop. And thankfully it's still under warranty but that means that I had to send it to Kentucky to get worked on. I miss it. Especially since I have work that needs to be done for the SPG's on it. Sadly I think I'll have to start from scratch with a lot of my stuff on there. So how am I able to write right now? Because I'm using my step-moms laptop. I have so many things to share but not enough time so I'll just sum up the past couple days...

-Bible study #2 with "T" went great! #3 is scheduled for the 30th. She's hung up on works though and working for salvation. so that's something that we'll discuss further.
- Left WA yesterday and now in CA. Of course I ended up waking up yesterday sick! 3 outa the last 4 times i've come back here I've gotten sick. This is not cool. Especially with 100 degree temps kicking in. I'm basically doped up on asprin, for the aches and pains, and OJ right now.

Maybe I'll write some more tonight after I'm done wrapping presents if I have the energy.

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Kali said...

Hope you feel better and are able to enjoy your visit!


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