Saturday, October 2, 2010

New GF Product

You might remember that last month I went up to visit Kali and Maggie and while I was there they had told me that they had seen Gluten Free Bisquick in their Super Wal-Mart. While I was intrigued, I kept my excitement at bay because I had yet to see this for myself. However, I am happy to report that this product really does exist!!! And I bought a box today while I was at doing my grocery shopping.

There is also a new GF only store in town. I definitely plan on frequenting it because I would hate to see it go away. Everything in there is GF! It's nice because everything in prominently displayed, unlike where I found the Bisquick displayed today, on the bottom shelf. I probably should have gotten a couple more boxes because there was only a couple left, but then again I know I'm not the only one who needs this great product. And besides that greed and glutony, both of which God speaks against.

I hope that if you are reading this in the states that you are able to go out and get it in your local super market. I do know of some people though who may be reading this from north of the border, in which case I hope you can find it online to purchase if it has not arrived in a store near you. And if your not GF but know of someone that is, don't fret about what to make because now you too can help your guests indulge in the fare in which you will make for them. Once I make something with it I will let you all know how it goes. Mmmmm, bicuits are now withing my grasp. I love those with some pot roast!!! And some strawberry short's really almost to good to be true!


Maggie said...

Sweet! I'm glad you were able to find it!

Cove Girl said...

So was I. 2 points to make a mental note of though...1) Half the bag was air I only had enough to make the biscuits tonight. So you really do need to buy mor than one box if you are a big baker...2) Unless I can use butter as a substitute I'm not a fan of the biscuits. All I could taste was the shortening in them. YUCK! Definitely work to do with it.


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