Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

It's officially September 11. I'm sure that everyone remembers where they were on this day nine years ago.

I was in Sicily working out on the cross trainer and I looked up to see the strangest "movie" that I'd ever seen. Except as we all know it was no movie. It was America, under attack, by terrorists that would like nothing better than to see America destroyed.

I knew where I needed to be, and so to security I went...and the subsequently stayed until I had new orders given to me...8 months later. On top of the time I spent activated because of the USS Cole bombing I was there for a total year and a half out of my 2 year tour.

I was mad and angry at that time. Frustrated that I couldn't do anything and sad that we were now under a new "normal". My first trip back stateside was on my way through to Sacremento and as I got off the plane I sat waiting for my Dad to come to the gate and get me. It was almost 10 at night and a flight attendant saw me and asked if anything was wrong, so I told her what I was doing. She looks at me like I was crazy and when I told her that it was my first trip back to the states from overseas she had to explain the new protocol. No more walks to the gate and lounging about the airport allowed. It makes airport scenes in movies, from 10 years ago, seem antiquated.

I didn't have much to do tonight, but I felt like being creative and so I made this video on my new movie maker. I was inspired in part by the video that the VP of my CWRW club made, and by a request to post a flag picture. I had initially thought of just building a tribute around flags, but decided to use some other photos from that day, not just of the towers, but of the Pentagon as well and then realized half way through that I really wanted it to be for the heroes of that day. The Firemen and Police. The people that served during the event and after, because of it. If you're interested the song is actually called the Twin Towers Lament by Brandon Vance. I had it on a instrumental CD that I bought a while back.

It's 9-11. I'd say enjoy, but that seems a bit morbid so simply remember...And never forget.


Engrafted Lives said...

Great video! Very touching and moving.

Cove Girl said...

Thanks Sher!


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