Monday, July 26, 2010

LTIA Part 5...Wandering thru Wednesday

Half way to graduation...

Memory verse. . .Psalm 11:3 - If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

We were all set to meet with the State representative for Ohio, Jim Jordan, on the steps of the Capital building. But the meeting times kept getting pushed forward, so that we were practically running to the metro and running off of it trying to get ahead of the crowd of people. We missed him though, by about 5 minutes. While it was a bit disappointing we did manage to get some great pics on the steps of the Capital. Some people just look political, don't you agree?

Though we were a little bummed about having to rush around and still miss out it did make it possible for us to get to our next destination on time. Where were we going now? The Macedonia Embassy. Here we met with Ambassador Zoran Jolevski. He showed us slides of his country and spoke to us about their economy and political system. Macedonia has a tax system that taxes everybody straight across the board. When they went to this system they realized that people were no longer trying to cheat on their taxes an because people were paying them they were actually about to close their deficit substantially. Hmmm...ideas? They also have it set up so that women who become mothers have an average of 6-9 month maternity leave, but the more Children you have the longer your maternity leave is able to be. Oh, and it's all paid leave to!

After the presentation they hospitably opened up their staff and Embassy for lunch. Everyone got to eat except for me because it was Pizza, but they broke out the china and everything for the occasion! We took a picture with him before he had to leave, it was also published in our local newspaper in a story that Levi wrote (here's the
link for you to check out for yourself), and then we were off to the Metro again to go back to LI for some more lectures and dinner, which ironically was pizza again for the group. They were definitely on carb overload.

Meg getting interviewed
The Embassy before it was renovated
After the renovation
Our evening lectures were brought to us by Maureen Wiebe, from the American Association of Christian Schools, and Seton Motley, from Less Government & News Busters. Maureen spoke to us about how the government has started to gain control of education and the effects that have come about from that. She gave a really great example of how we can get involved, by citing Daniel and his friends as examples. How even though the were held captive in Babylon they were still able to maintain their testimonies. The same could be said about Joseph as well, and his testimony was so trusted that he got to basically run Potiphars entire estate, and eventually the entire land of Egypt. Seton Motley then brought us some disturbing information on how the sitting government wants to legislate away our first amendment rights. He was very effective in getting his points across an errr...colorful manner, but the information was very good to have and it's something that Americans need to be on the watch out for.
Maureen Weibe

After the lectures we broke away to work in our team projects. At the beginning of the week we were put into groups and asked to pick two topics from the Herritage Foundations 10 Transformational Initiatives:

-First Principles
-American Leadership
-Energy & Environment
-Enterprise & Free Markets
-Family & Religion
-Health Care
-Protect America
-Rule of Law

We then had to research them and present them before the rest of the class at the end of the week. My group chose Energy & Environment and Enterprise & Free Markets.

With Wednesday behind us we were excited about the close of the week. We were all tired, but the experience was bringing us all closer together.

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