Monday, June 7, 2010

New Page & an Answer

I have a new page on my blog listed as PR. What does PR stand for? Prayer Requests.

On this page I'll be keeping a list of prayer requests I have and answers that come my way. I don't plan on post every request I have, but the ones that I think of I'll post for others to know what I'm praying about and if you feel so inclined feel free to take one up for yourself.

So I've already received one answer. It is in regards to LTIA.

Anyone, anywhere, that has any sort of food allergy knows that traveling is not always fun. You are constantly on your toes trying to make sure that you either pack what you need, have the extra money to go to the store, and as always diligently scouring for restaurants that may be in the area that you are going to & perusing their menus to make sure that you can find something adequate. I am a person that loves to travel and I happily blame my mom for taking me to Pennsylvania when I was around 6 months old, my first, and not my last, airplane trip. However, with these new challenges it always makes traveling a little more stressful, and expensive. The stress can compound itself especially when attending a conference, like I will be doing in just a little over a week. Part of that stress is, and I'm sure weve all been there at one time or another, is due to the fact that I don't like to make a scene or bring undue attention to myself. Whether it's walking around on crutches because of an injury, falling down the stairs from the choir because you failed to pick up your feet (say what!?), or your 12 and you've just gotten your braces. No one like to be different and stand out in such an obvious way.

Crazy as it may sound I intially didn't have any plans to say anything about my need to be gluten free, and simply work on trusting the Lord to make sure that I would be OK. However, Friday night Tim (our SPG leader) asked me if I had said anything to the staff at LTIA about the food that would be there, and after I said no he advised me that I should. And he was right I know, I mean it's always a big deal and better to say something now then to wait until the last minute and to really make it an uneccessary drama for the week. I mean I'm already hording dramamine because of my motion sickness, what's one more drama? But seriously he was right.

So Saturday morning I set to work on an email to Bro. Briney to see what I could work out. I had already planned on bringing some homemade GF muffins or scones with me, because we'll be traveling during breakfast time, but I hadn't thought much beyond that. Well he passed my email onto the staff and a mere 72 hours later I now have something worked out, and honestly don't know why I've ever thought of doing something like this before. HELLO . . . Duh . . . just send my non parishable items ahead of me!!! This could potentially cut down on uneccessary grocery bills and bagage when I travel. Both of which will be a welcome relief to my budget and wallet. It is also a good thing that I did say something because after getting a low down on the food vendors that will be supplying the food it would litterally be a Celiac nightmare. Chinese, Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches just to name a few of the items. Oi, that could go very badly for my small intestine and I would end up being bed ridden for potentially the whole week, which is not why I'm going to LTIA. However, a wonderful staff member Mary replied to my request and here was the email that I received tonight . . .

"I will make sure that we have fruit, veggies, lunch meat, and salad for her at all times. It would be great if she could bring her own bread. I can definitely give her a designated shelf in the fridge to store anything she wants to bring with her as well. I don’t think that most of our restaurant vendors provide much in the area of gluten-free options, but I will certainly ask all of them."

That will be such a huge blessing and I'm at a lot more ease now that I have a better outlook on the whole issue. God is so good to care about even the little things and help me work out all the details. Yes, God does care about even the "little" things that affect our lives. He's not so consumed with what we envision as the BIG things in this world as to not pay attention to the things that affect His children.

So if you think about it when you arrive on my page feel free to take a look at what new requests are up. You never know how the Lord will be working. That's the exciting part.

One last thing . . . I just received an email from one of the other staff members that told me to hang on to my recept and give it the staff when I arrive. Very nice indeed!


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