Monday, June 28, 2010

LTIA Part 1...Travel and Training

The SPG's have returned from DC and with it a brain full of information that we must now apply unto wisdom. It's easy to come back with facts and things to know, but only acting upon them do we really gain wisdom and understanding.

Psalm 90:12 - "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

LTIA, short for the Leadership Training Institute of America, was a week cram packed with information and so rather than make one huge post with every single day included in it I'll instead opt for a series of posts of the events of the week, as well as intermittent posts on things that we learned throughout the week, which was A LOT.

LTIA was instituted in 1996, by Dr. Patrick Briney as an answer in training up young adults to address the problems that plague our current culture and competing world views through biblical principles and critical thinking, which is just a summary, because it's really brings so much more to a persons/students overall contribution to society (at least it can if they put the principles they have learned into practice).

The SPG's left SeaTac at midnight, yeah you read that right, midnight. But honestly had we not chosen that time, and chosen to leave around 6 or 7 am, we never would have made it to the opening of lectures of LTIA and then poor Doug would have been stuck at DCA waiting for us. So while it wasn't ideal, it was far better than the alternative because if you know anything about the SPG's, or myself for that matter, punctuality is paramount. I'm rarely late for an event and for me the mere thought of being late makes me anxious. So good on the executive decision made on that matter, courtesy of our fearless leader.

We arrived in DC zonked from the long flight even though we didn't have the longest one, that belongs to the crew from Alaska. We met Doug & Ken, staff members for LTIA, and 3 sisters that came from Chicago, Elizabeth, Anna & Grace. Their family are missionaries to the inner city of Chicago. Great bunch of girls.

Over whelmed and underfed we made our way to Baja Fresh (some others went to Subway) for lunch with Bro. Briney and some new people we had yet to meet. In the end I think it turned out to be Jeremy & John that came. Finally with a "little" rest under our belts we made our way up to the class room for some initial training before the week started.

We learned about the War of Ideas and how ideas are formed. We talked about how to use critical thinkking skills and our expectations for the week. Everyones was different. Some wanted to have fun, which we had in spades, myself & Paul wanted to work on our appologetics skills, but most everyone wanted to know how they could get more involved with their community and hone in on their leadership skills with political activity.

After the lecture we had fellowship time, which revolved around us playing a game called 'Never Have I Ever'. The premise of the game is for one person to stand in the middle of a circle and say one thing that they have never done, then all those people that have done that activity have to switch seats, while the person in the middle tries to sit in an empty seat leaving another person in the middle. Think musical chairs on steroids. Finally though it had to come to and end and that was decided when the same question was asked for a 3rd time. Wanna take a stab at what it was? "Never have I ever gone sky diving." Go figure.

We then met with our small groups. Mine consisted of Anna, Jennell and Joyka and our small group leader was Mrs. McHenry. She let us know what the expectations of LTIA were and asked us what we expected from her. I expected that she woul help me push myself into thinking more critically, which she did. Each night she brought out a devotional thought through someones testimony or through talking about the events of the day. Each night was different.

Our checklist of requirements was extreme too, although for better or worse I reverted back to my days in bootcamp in order to compartmentalize what I needed to do. I was there with a group, but I was also there to let the Lord work in my life and to that end I was on my own, for no two people have the same walk with the Lord. Here was our list. . .

-Keep a daily journal
-Clean bed
-Maintain a professional appearance
-Be punctual
-Good handshake
-Keep good eye contact
-Participate in all activities with a good attitude
-Speak up & Speak clearly
-Talk to everyone at LTIA (yeah that one was hard;))
-Encourage speakers by asking questions
-Talk to guest speakers
-Send thank-you notes
-Write a letter to a parent or friend
-Share slavation testimony
-Keep a notebook of lectures
-Stay with group on tours
-No guy-girl paring up

And for Honors there was. . .

-Memorize six verses
-Read an approved article and write a 1/2 page summary on it
-Complete a camera interview

Obviously they weren't hard tasks, but in a week it's easy to loose track and focus of priorities. I tried to pick the verses I memoriezed based on the activities for the day. How was I able to memorize 6 verses in a week? With the Lords help of course because it wasn't because I got a lot of rest. That topic is for another post.

I laid my head down on the pillow and decided that I'd be kind to myself and re-memorize a verse I was familiar with 2 Timothy 3:16-17. My normal memorizing style is to write and the re-write it all out, but this was not Bible Institute and I did not have a month to do it in. LTIA was off and running I just wantedd to be ready to the task.

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