Monday, March 1, 2010

Stranded....But Not For Long

Last night did not go as I had anticipated, but it was not without it's lessons.

I'm still in the throws of moving, which means that I need my car right? RIGHT! So it was not a pleasant surprise to discover that I was having car problems. Maybe I should start at the beginning.

The day started uneventfully enough, besides the fact that I realized I had grabbed the wrong phone charger, so I couldn't charge my phone at work. No biggie, I don't have anything major going on today I can do it when I get home tonight. I then went to see a friend reenlist, for his final time, in the Navy.

It was nice because he chose to reenlist at church and give glory to God for all that He had done for his career and family while serving our country. It was very uplifting. And later on Kali, Tim and Katie stopped by my work to say HI:), which was just the super charge that I needed for my Monday afternoon (that's a reference to the sermon that Tim preached on Sunday night). Monday's can be very wearing:P However, at the end of the afternoon, I remembered that I had a eye appointment in Burlington, which is about an hour away. Still I don't see a problem because I just had my car worked on and my oil is good so off I go.

Well, after picking up my contacts I had decided to stop somewhere else and when I got back in my car I couldn't get the engine to turn over. All I heard was a whir and then...nothing, Uh, oh!!! Now I'm an hour away from home, my car is dead, and all I have on my phone is one little red bar on my battery. Normally I really am more prepared than this, it happens to the best of us, and this is what bothers me more than my car actually not working, because I'm within walking distance to a couple of gas stations and the Super Wal-Mart (although it will be getting dark soon and walking at that point will not be fun). Argh, I was pretty much beating myself up but trying to remain calm at the same time. Think...think...think...who can I call that will give me the most amount of help, without using up the rest of my phone battery in case I should need it later. Voila, Kali's Dad. When I got a hold of him he told me "It's your battery." Sigh, OK now I need to find a jump, in a near empty parking lot...can you hear the crickets chirping? Offering up a silent prayer, I went to work trying to find my jumper cables in my trunk (I should probably clean this puppy out at some point).

PTL, an answer didn't take long at all! I was standing outside my car, hood up, and getting ready to text Kali back when a gentleman named Marvin approached me "Is your car dead? Do you need a jump?" I looked up. "Yes! Oh that would be great. Thank you." I replied. Soon after that he pulled his car around and whipped out his jumper cables, and with a turn of my ignition and a spark from my ignition...TA DA...I once again had a running car! Ahhh, my "Knight in Shining Jump Start" He really was a nice guy and definitely an answer to prayer. Sorry there's no pic (mostly the reason I didn't ask for one is because I think it would have been a little odd to ask some random stranger to humor me with a photo in such a situation). But he beeped his horn and waved as he left the parking lot as I sat there letting my battery get some juice in it before the drive back to the island. Loosing my battery again on a 2 lane HWY home would be even worse for me, since all my contacts, except for the Geists and Vaughns, at that point would have been in Bible Institute. And then where would I be, what with a low phone battery and all:/

So what are my lesson:
1) Sherri reproves me when I leave my phone at home, but having my phone on me without a charge to it is just as ineffective. So, ALWAYS keep my phone charged.
2) Always take time to pray, you never know where the answer will come from
3) It better to depend on the Lord for being taken care of than to fret over what might happen. Chances are something will go wrong the thing is to have the proper perspective.

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Anonymous said...

You poor girl, I am so glad everything worked out though. I love you and miss you. You spirit always uplifts me! I really need that right now. Thanks for sending updates. TTYL


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