Saturday, October 31, 2009

Silly Saturdays

It's easy in the world of blogging to get bogged down in the serious nature of our own thoughts. So I dedicate Saturdays to finding silly, humorous and, sometimes, outrageous videos or articles that will hopefully put a smile on your face. Today Kali found one and posted it to her blog. It should definitely start to put you in a festive holiday spirit. Mine is along the same lines. Recently there were some young men in Utah that were fined for rapping their order in a McDonalds drive through. Really could there be a state that has a lesser sense of humor, bit I digress. That one is fine, but I like the Taco Bell folk song guys he best. . .watch the whole thing because the guy who takes the order is just as funny:) Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

i loved both the drive-thru singers from your blog and the monk singers from kali's blog. the monks actually made me laugh out loud!


Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh MY GOODNESS..THAT WAS HILLARIOUS.... If only we could have more fun in the world like this...


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