Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sluffin' it off

A little known fact by many is that plenty of beauty products contain gluten. People affected by celiacs disease, however, are generally aware of this. The gluten is usually contained in the scents and other so called "natural" ingredients. It's a facet of the disease that can be controvercial in the celiac community, and I never gave it much credence until the other week, when post work out I hopped into the shower and proceeded to sluff off the offending workout odor with my luffa sponge and a little Caress. After the I got home I was fine for the first few hours, but that evening my skin started to crawl. I didn't break out into hives but the itching feeling would not let up. The only thing that I can attribute it to was the soap.

AGH, not this too! Was my initial thought, but then I decided to do a little research like Rachel from The View From My Fishbowl (seriously people what did we do before Google).

What I googled was "sugar scrub recipe" and Voila! I found what I was looking for instantaneously at Bath & Body Recipes. This afternoon, post workout again, I decided to give the Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub recipe a whirl and my skin feels like silk. The key is that the sugar is the exfoliant while the sesame and coconut oils are the moisturizers. It not only is natural, but most everything in the recipes are things that we use or are in our cupboards already. So cost effective beauty is a great thing, right girls!

Anyway, I'm super happy with the choice that I made to investigate on how to take care of myself better. So here is the recipe for the Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub. So sluff off the old epidermis girls!!! Your new skin will be thank you, and so will your wallet.

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub
1/2 c. of sesame oil
1 c. of sugar
1/2 tpsn of vanilla extract
1 tspn of cocnut oil

Mix all ingredients and store in a clean dry jar.
Warning: Your bathtub will be slippery because of the oil. The hazards that are associated with beauty:P

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