Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post #200, Inspiration

This is my 200th post. WOW! Thank you to all who read regularly and to those that stop by just to see what's going on with me. I've really enjoyed sharing what's going on in my life, mundane as it can seem, so thank you for letting me amuse you all.

In reflecting over the past year, there were many things that came about that I could not have foreseen. The full circle that my list took me in, the friends that I made, the lessons that the Lord has shown me, the travels that I got to have. . .the list is just endless in my mind, those are merely highlights. One thing that I could not have foreseen is the inspiration that my list would lend to others. Which became evident to me through my co-worker Sarah this week.

Sarah is a bit younger than I am, although I think she's lived just as much life in the fact that she has a child. As any parent knows children will force you to grow up fast. Anyway, she sent me an email letting me know that my 30x30 list inspired her to create her own 25x25 list, of course she has a little bit more time than I did, to work on her list. However, it showed me that the power of setting goals for oneself is important to everyone. It's not just a measurement of who we are, but what we want to become as well.

It was humbling to think that something little that I put together for myself inspired someone else to want to do the same. Sarah, I know you'll complete your whole list!

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