Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What did I accomplish?

So after reading my post, Surprise, you may be wondering what I did accomplish from my list.

So here's a breakdown:

#2 ~ Cook 15 new dishes: I cooked 6
#3 ~ Decorate my room: Well I got the bed spread, but it's still a work in progress
#4 ~ Get flowers for 30 people: Got some for 2 people, virtual flowers for Sarah who was having a bum day and my SPS Vicki
#5 ~ Get Maggie to watch a documentary: I still feel badly about accosting her with such a horrible documentary, but she was a trooper. Thanks Mags
#6 ~ Give someone $30: This one just took place, and it wasn't in actual cash, but instead in a gift certificate, which was more than $30 so she could spoil herself and get her hair done. I have a friend whose husband is going into the ministry and she was talking about wanting to have her hair done for his graduation on May 15. So I decided to help her out a little
#7 ~ Have 30 girls nights: I had 10. 1/3 is not to shabby, things just got busy. They were all fun though:)
#9 ~ Help someone who cannot help themselves: I helped 2. Hey, I'm actually ahead on one
#10 ~ Increase my prayer time to 30 minutes a day: This one is just starting to take place
#11 ~ Learn 30 new facts: I learned 3. Well at least that I blogged about. Obviously I can't remember the res, LOL
#12 ~ Learn 30 new words: I learned 6
#14 ~ Meet 30 new people: I met 11
#16 ~ Memorize 30 new verses: I memorized 12. PTL, for Bible Institute!
#17 ~ Pay off my Visa: Still a work in progress, but strides are being made in a positive direction
#18 ~ Put together 30 new Sunday School lessons: Even though I didn't blog about them all I know I did this. Just by doing the math of it along with my own special discipleship lessons that I've been working on
#19 ~ Read 15 new books: I read 7
#23 ~ Sky Dive: It's on the way people. Nicki and I take the plunge in July:)
#24 ~ Spend no more that $30 on each Christmas present this year: A unique challenge, but fun and everyone liked what they got. Just goes to show you it's not all about money
#27 ~ Try 30 new dishes: I tried 2
#29 ~ Watch 30 documentaries: I watched 5
#31 ~ Write 30 new poems: I wrote 1

So, obviously not all of them were completed, but as I said in my Surprise post, it wasn't so much about completing them all as it was about the journey that took me here. Besides, I made it 2/3 of the way through, that in and of itself I think is note worthy. I'll probably still keep up a list of things that I want to do as they come up, but it will be ever revolving.

Thank you for keeping up with my escapades. I can't wait to see what this next year brings. Bye, bye list.

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Engrafted Lives said...

WOW! Carolyn you have accomplished a lot this past year. I've heard it said that if you make a list you have a better chance of accomplishing it, because it becomes visible.

I am so glad that your list came full circle with your desire to skydive. All of us are looking forward to that day!

Note: I don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you, but the blue font is kind of hard on the eyes.


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