Saturday, January 17, 2009

I can't share to much

Because all the planning that the SPG's are doing for this years sweethearts banquet is secret squirl territory. So I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you, and the Bible has pretty clear guidelines on not doing that.

Anyway, I did feel like posting this blog to share my excitement with the practice cake that I just made for one of the ladies that will be there. I really want to post pictures but I can't because that would ruin it for everyone else. So, to my readers, I promise that once Valentines Day has passed pictures will be forth coming.

Two years ago we did the same thing and it was a big hit with everyone and this year the SPG's were tasked with doing it again. We're all super jazzed about it!!! Now those who know me or read this regularly, know that the SPG group I mention stands for Singles Pleasing God, but if you're reading this for the first time that's just to keep you up to speed. Now some may think, "Why on earth would a bunch of singles want to host a sweethearts banquet for Valentines Day?", or "Isn't that a bit tourturous for us as singles to do to ourselves?" But the answer is, no it's not torturous, and we do it because it's fun and we care about our married friends (or parents) having a good time. Just because we don't have anyone for ourselves, doesn't mean that it needs to be a somber time. In fact serving in capacities like this really takes our eyes off of ourselves and helps us have just as much fun as the couples have. Serivce as a single is really what the SPG's are all about.

It took me about 3 trys to get the recipe to turn out so my whole day has been spent behind the stove. I'm also trying to see if I can get some homemade GF bread to turn out. I haven't had any luck with finding some GF bread that I do like. I'm really hoping that this one works. I think that I need a better mixer though, one that has a dough hook. Because the hand mixer that I have now kept getting stuck in the batter.

Once Valentines day has passed I'll also post the cake recipe as one of my new recipes to make. Trust me, ecpecially for those that are GF, it's a keeper!!! Let's just hope that my bread is a keeper too. I really miss having a normal sandwhich for lunch. I've just never been good when it comes to baking anything that has a yeast comopnent to it. I can never get the bread to rise properly. OK I need to stop because I'm just aggravating myself. I'll let ya'll now how it goes. I just had to share my cake excitement:) The real one will be much better too. Like I said this one is just for practice.

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