Saturday, January 17, 2009


I think that I've finally found a bread that I can eat with sanwiches!!! Normally I'm not a fan of homemade bread. I can usually taste the yeast in homemade bread and it permeates my senses. so I stay away from it. However, since going GF I've tried different store bought bread, which is usually dry and flavorless (the rice bread I once bough tasted like sandpaper). I've even tried making some from scratch, which was a total debacle. However, it's been many months since I tried and so I wanted to give it another go (If at first you don't succeed try, try again).

Anyway, tonight I made the bread above. I bought it last night when I went to the store for some potato starch for my cake and figured that I was willing to risk $5 for a decent sandwich (eating GF is not always cheap, but sooooooo worth it when your body starts to feel better). Below was the result of my tenacity:) It's a hearty bread in texture, so it won't fall apart in my hand as I bite into a overloaded ham and turkey, or tuna with onions and pickles (hey if I'm already gonna kill my breath with the tuna I might as well go for the whole thing). It also was a very moist and doughy bread. One thing with most premade GF bread is that it can be very stiff and dry. So that each time I try to take a bite I need to follow it up with a drink of water right away. Last but not least, I taste no yeast in it!!! I'm really happy that I decided to spend the money:) Now all I need to do is give it the toast test. Another aggravation with GF bread is that it doesn't toast nicely. I like mine a little on the crispy side with some peanut butter and cocoa. Thus far in my quest for the perfect bread I have yet to come across a bread that gives a nice golden color for toasting. Given the fact that so many of my other qualifications have been met, my hopes remain high.

People . . . I think we have a winner!!!


Island Girl said...


Engrafted Lives said...

The bread looks yummy Carolyn. Did yo get the opportunity to toast it yet?

Jersey Mama said...

That looks so yummy! I've been meaning to leave this website for you

I THINK it's all GF or can be easily made GF because the author's daughter has celiacs.


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