Friday, November 14, 2008

#11 on my list, Learn 30 New facts (#1)

Part of my job as Marketing Assistant is to talk to people and cut deals for placing ads in maritime publications, and today I got to talk to one of the biggest characters (you'll get a lot of those in the South). Pat was nice though and out conversation wasn't all business. It varied from different topics. One of them included where we used to live. One of the places that he used to live was in Dalton, GA, which produces 70% of the carpet in the USA. I know it's an odd fact to learn, but this is the kind of information that will make me a winner on Cash Cab one day:) LOL. Anyway, there's new fact #1, I'm sure I've learned more, but obviously I couldn't remember them well enough to post them. Go figure.

1 comment:

Jersey Mama said...

Ha ha we LOVE Cash Cab! We look for it whenever we go to NYC. :)


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