Friday, October 3, 2008

New Toys

Today I went home sick from work. Yes, it's that lovely fall weather that we have here on the island:P Not to mention m allergies have been driving me nuts. In any case I really don't want to get sick as I'm singing a special in church next Sunday so in an effort to unclog my sinuses I decided to invest in a Neti pot and see what it could do for me (that's a pic of one to the left).

For those of you who are not aquainted with a Neti pot it is a "nasal lavage devise". In other words it washes out your nose. Sure we blow our noses all the time, but what about the rest of what we can't get to. Our noses are just filled with germs that need to be cleaned out. Anyway, I wanted to get rid of the germs and unclog my sinuses so I went out and got one. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pretty desperate. Using it felt a bit like what happens to you when you jump into a pool without holding your nose, except instead of it going up and staying there it drips out of the other side, essentially clearing the guck out, and because it needs to be filled with some non-iodized salt, I could taste a little salt when I didn't bend my head far enough forard. And you know what, honestly, my sinuses feel great! This is gonna be a regular thing for me. It probably won't keep me from getting sick all the time, but at least it will help keep the germs away.

Let me also just say that Ziploc makes some really great products. My fave, until tonight, are the Zip'n'Steam bags. Fresh steamed veggies (or meat) in just minutes, which is great since I usually don't want to break out all my pots and pans to cook for just me. So another new toy I got is the Ziploc Vacuum freezer bags. I LOVE these!!! I Stored at least 2 weeks worth of meat in my freezer tonight, and it was super easy to use. One day I'd like to get the nice electric freezer safe bags, but that can wait for now. Seriously it will be great have some food in reserve for later so I can get my moneys worth and not have to rush to eat it all right away. I know it sounds may sound a little odd for a single gal to be buying all her groceries at once, but I hate going to Albertsons unless I have to. I don't like to grocery shop every week so I get all I need at once that way I don't have to. Plus it helps me budget my money better.
So yeah, this post was pretty lame, it was meant to be more about the Neti pot than anything else, but I'm tired so I'm rambling. Anyway, those are some of my new toys.

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