Tuesday, September 2, 2008

#7 on my list, Have 30 girls nights (#5)

An impromptu girls night happened last night after dinner at the Waldrons.

I spent the day over there since my place is pretty boring, and watching paint dry seemed to be way more fun, or maybe that was the fumes from the paint. In any case a day spent with the Waldrons is always fun. We talked and tried to go to the local thrift store except that it was a holiday and it seemed like every local business, that was not a grocery store, was closed. I made my plum chicken for dinner since they were all busy painting and it just seemed like I could help somewhere so I did. Everyone really liked the chicken, I love this recipe and am totally keeping it, and it made such a difference finally using the boneless chicken thighs instead of the bone in. Anyway, after dinner all the girls watched Anne of Avonlea. Sigh, I love that movie (sniff, sniff)! I couldn't believe that they ahd never seen it before, since I have been watching it since I was about 6, so it was fun to watch it with new people. I was so bad wen I was younger that I used to try and bargain with my dad so that I could stay home, at certain times, and watch it. My argument "But it's my favorite part." My dad's reply "Every part is your favorite part." Obviously my dad was not easy manipulated. We shared in some high humor involving the periodic table of elements, you had to be there, and Mags and I put together the Waldrons new hower curtain, ummm backwards. I blame it on the paint fumes;) LOL, anyway I hope to be able to share in more updates from my list since I'm out of school for the next few weeks.

Peace out!

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