Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hungry Girl (Poem #1)

The last item on my list has me writing 30 new poems. Poetry is a comfort for me that I haven't done in a while. It's a way of communitcating that has always held a certain amount of solace for me. The poem below is inspired by a situation I now find myself in as a person living with Celiacs Disease. It's a poem that was inspired my my frustration of wanting to eat the foods that I can't and the complications of trying to make people understand how hard it is to deal with. My friends are truly great about supporting me (so I want to extend this thank you to them as they read it). The poem was just bore from my own frustration, mostly with me. Since I feel so week most times, and I just want to cave in and succumb to the temptation. Maybe it's a memorium to all the foods that I like and can longer enjoy as well. In any case I hope ya'll enjoy it.

Hungry Girl
GRRR, I'm a hungry girl that just wants to eat,
pasta and bread, now that would be sweet.
With cake in the oven, and cookies galore,
what more is better that I could ask for.

GRRR, I'm a hungry girl and I like my carbs,
but if I should eat them I would fall hard.
For gluten and wheat are my two dangerous foes,
that seek to destroy the life I now know.
Their friends rye and barley are not far behind,
with all these restrictions I might loose my mind.

GRRR, I'm a hungry girl. "Not salad again"!
At least the dressing will not make it bland.
The comfort of getting food that is fast,
could ruin my insides and then I would crash.

GRRR, I'm a hungry girl. Pierogies I miss.
Their cheesy, doughy goodness well it's just pure bliss.
But alas it's just food, I won't hug me good night,
and for better, or worse, I like my life.

GRRR, I'm a hungry girl and it's hard to not to cry,
when others around me can't understand why.
I don't mean to whine or be such a pill,
but the foods that I love will make me ill.
It's at times like this that good friends matter most,
and those that care to help give me hope.

GRRR, I'm a hungry girl but I'll survive,
'cause with veggies and fruits I'll have a long life.
For who know what yet the Lord has in store,
He's been good so far, so of course I want more.

GRRR, I'm a hungry girl, and old chapters done,
and old life is over, and a new one begun.

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