Thursday, March 20, 2008

#7 on my list, Have 30 girls nights (#2)

So yeah it's really soon since my last post, but last night was another girls night, and it was so much fun.

Once again Kali, Nicki, Maggie, Christin, and I found ourselves watching a movie, Enchanted. For those of you that haven't seen it yet let me just tell you it is so good! It's got everything that a good chick flick should have, including Patrick Dempsey. YAY, for him!!!. Anyway, the musical numbers in it are fabulous I can't wait to learn all the songs so I can sing them as I'm cleaning, along with my other musicals. The premise of the movie has a fictional cartoon princess that is sent into the real world, circa NYC 2008. In it she thinks she has all of lifes answers wrapped up in her one "true love", that she's known for a day (hey things happen fast in fairy tales), and has her waiting for her true loves kiss. However, because the sweethearts have been torn apart by the princes wicked step mother, she is forced to find a way to adapt to her new surroundings, while she waits for her true love to rescue her. However, throughout her adventures and with the help of her new friend (Patrick, sigh), she learns that there is more to love than she thought and that even though she envisioned things for her life in a certain way, just because they don't happen "the way they should" doesn't make that life any less special, or magical, and, the thing that I think makes the movie even more fun is that she does this, and comes to these conclusions, all without loosing her sweetness and innocent outlook on life and her ideals. She still believes in her one true love, and that love conquers all.

It really is a great movie, I'm totally gonna buy it, but I can't help but think that her story is not unlike most girls stories, at least the ones who want to get married. Traditionally we grow up knowing all the fairy tales and waiting for our true love to come into our lives. Then we grow up and realize that "real life" is far different than a fairy tale. However, that being said, it doesn't mean that the lives that we now lead, albeit still waiting for our true love (or twu wuv, as the Princess Bride would have it), are no less special, or magical, just because things haven't happened the way that we planned them to.

This thought, spurned by me, was thrown out last night as well. Wouldn't it be great if life were just one big musical?! There would definitely have to be rules involved though, because in today's day and age we'd probably end up with some horrible music if people were allowed to create their own tunes (sorry people death metal and gangsta rap don't belong in musicals). I suppose the rules would include:
1. No cursing
2. The songs must have a melody
3. The songs must be uplifting and have a positive/moral message to them
(if you're reading this and can think of any other rules you want to come up with please feel free to leave to leave a comment)

Anyway, it was just a silly thought that I had, and thought I'd throw out there, as I have always been a big, BIG fan of musicals and am usually given over to breaking out into song while I'm cleaning or working on something (it drives my coworkers nuts, LOL). But those of you that know me know that I love to sing. The girls got a kick out of it for sure and played right along with me (thanks Kali)! It was hilarious!

Of course we had to see Christins wedding pictures, as she and her husband has been married for a year, they are such a cute couple, which only egged me and Kali on with our own future wedding plans. The only part of the evening that wasn't fun was when I got stabbed in the leg by the claws of Christins cat. I'm allergic to cats, so when she wanted to try and jump on me I sat up to move, but before I could her cat let it's claws out as to have something to grip onto. OUCH! Anyway, that was at the beginning ofthe evening. Everything got better from there. Weddings, and Musicals, and Friends! Oh, my! It was a fun evening for sure.


Anonymous said...

Great post...I just have one thing. The first time you mention my name it has an 'e' on the end! Uhhhh....trying to change my name are we???
I would love to live life as a musical! I've often thought it would be awesome! And as far as weddings go, we'll have to compare our "wedding books"! LOL...tomorrow makes for a 'girls day'! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Matthew and Jack just saw 'Enchanted' at Nana's and loved it. I had kind of wanted to take them to see it while it was out, but I think they thought it would be too girly for them. Instead, after they saw it at Nana's, Jack insisted on regaling me with the plot at GREAT length. Sigh. I guess I'll rent it from Netflix.



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